Last updated on 27/10/2017.
KVS/CBSE Result Automation Software 2017-18 prepared by us for Class III-VIII & IX-X…
User downloaded previously are requested to download it again, because the previous files were having some problem in grading. Data can be imported by copy/paste from previous file if required.
All care has been taken to make the software error free. However users are requested to make a trial of all rules & error if any before using the software.

Requirement: MS Office 2010 or above

Click on the below link to download



RESULT AUTOMATION 1.2 (ADVANCED VERSION)  (To print Report Card & Result Register of all the students in a single word file)



(Please do not use ‘CUT/PASTE’ option for any cell. However copy/paste to import data from other files can be done.)

Please verify the compatibility & examination rules before using.
Please enable macro after downloading.

To watch demo click on following link




General Features

  1. It will prepare result for maximum 60 students in a section.
  2. Easier data entry due to hyperlink from home page to every related page and vice versa.
  3. No need to delete the student who takes TC in the mid of session.
  4. Maximum six subjects can be entered.(for Class VI-VIII & 5 Subjects for IX-X)
  5. Copy paste can be done for data entry.
  6. Pages are protected to reduce unwanted changes in the software.
  7. Maximum marks for any test is not predefined. It can be defined during data entry. Software will calculate the same as per KVS/CBSE weightage of marks in different tests.

Special Features

  1. Final Result Analysis (Boys/Girls wise, grade wise, subject wise) is prepared automatically, as it is required by every RO.
  2. Consolidated Result analysis is prepared separately
  3. Consolidated Final Result is prepared automatically after final data entry.
  4. Student Data for next Class after final examination is prepared.
  5. For co-scholastic area, grades may be entered directly. There is no need to enter value points for different areas of a skill. It is done to reduce the burden of class teacher.



Software Prepared By

Prasanta Kumar Meher


KV Jharsuguda

Bhubaneswar Region

Developer is not responsible for any unwanted change in the software due to virus or other such activities. Please check the rules before using the software.

Users are requested to give comments about suggestion/error if any in this page

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