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Time-Table for Periodic Test 1

Periodic Test 1 for Classes III-XI will commence from 2nd August 2017.
The time-table is as follows:


Result Automation Software 2018-19

KVS/CBSE latest Result Automation Software for Class IX & III-VIII.
Fill up the following form to download the software.
Last updated on 01/09/2018.

Schools other than Kendriya Vidyalayas can change Organisation name, logo etc. as per requirements.

Please make a trial and satisfy yourself that the software is meeting all rules and requirements.


Class IX software newly released on 12/01/2019, based on new pass criteria. (i.e. A student has to secure pass if overall 33% is scored in a subject. Additional subject is not considered for passing criteria)



Download syllabus/curriculum for classes I – XII from the menu SYLLABUS/CURRICULUM