Book Fair is being organised in the Vidyalaya premises w.e.f. 15/11/2016 to 18/11/2016. It is outsourced by Scholastic India. Fiction, General Knowledge, Linguistic & Activity based books are available in the fair based on the different levels of the students. Students & Staff are encouraged to visit the book fair and get hold of the book of their choice…..


Students from Class IV to VIII are participating in the TELEGRAPH GENIUS programme. The approach of this program will be in two folds.
1. By strengthening their grasp on extracurricular activities, GK and current affairs.
2. By encouraging personality development.

Content of the program:
To encourage reading habits and develop general knowledge:
There will be a question asked through the pages of The Telegraph newspaper every day for 120 days which they have to write the answer on the paper itself along-with the other details asked for. The genius scrap book would be provided to each of the students and answer along with the information will have to be pasted on regular basis for a month. At the end of one month, an open book eritten quiz would be conducted and students from each class shall be given gratifications. This process will continue for 4 months and at the end of four months a report card will be issued to all the participants and will be promoted for the next version.

Annual Panel Inspection




Newsletter July 2016

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